Houses & Galleries
Occidental House 1F
ALiving room
Refurbished to its original appearance, the living room where Sun received and entertained guests and dignitaries now awaits and welcomes museum visitors.
BSetting Out Amidst Chaos
Watch movie clips on land reform and US aid, try the hand-cranked power generator, listen to sounds from “paper speakers”, and feel how Sun and his Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) colleagues worked assiduously to repair and rebuild Taiwan’s electric power system from World War II damages.
CStory of Taiwan’s Economic Boom
Follow the history of how Taiwan transformed from a labor-intensive export-processing island in the 1950s into a high-technology innovator with the establishment of the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the development of first-generation wafer.
DTaking Helm of a Country in Trying Times
Manuscripts bearing meticulous revisions, a heavy and well-worn briefcase, passports with stamps of overseas trips witness how Sun steered Taiwan through the stormy years with successive economic and diplomatic crises.
EInteractive Multi-Projector Display
View the changing scenes of the museum compound from dawn to dusk.
Occidental House 1F

FProjected Paper Diorama
Silhouette animation on paper diorama depicting key moments in Sun’s life.
GThe Road to Success
Books and notes, learning and editing…beautiful memories of Sun’s student days during his training at Tennessee Valley Authority in the early 1930s.
HSanctuary for Decision-Making
Reference books on various disciplines, his reading glasses and the ticking clock kept Sun company when he pondered on policies and formulated goals.
IThe Family Man
Love letters, cards, recollections from his children and movie clips revealing a devoted husband and an affectionate father. The sewing machine and the well-kept garments bearing witness of a thrifty Mrs. Sun.
JUnwavering Determination
Accessories and aids for rehabilitation as reminders of Sun’s rehabilitation years marked with self-discipline and unwavering perseverance.
Occidental House 2F
Thematic Exhibition
Temporary exhibitions with themes on science, technology and humanities.
Well-stocked with references and collections on Taiwan’s economic development, open for public access.
Take a break in this comfy space to watch animations on Sun’s life or enjoy leisure hours with the garden view from the balcony.
New House

Sun’s Salon
Take a sip, have a bite, relax and refresh in this cozy café; browse and buy tailored souvenir items to your delight.
Multi-purpose Auditorium and Seminar Room
Venues well-suited for talks and seminars, performances and classes accommodating 20-80 persons, available for public rental.
A secluded lush green garden away from the hustle and bustle of Taipei city.